In nature, a calyx is the green, leafy structure that supports new plant growth during the transitional period from bud to bloom. Calyx Consulting plays a similar nurturing role-helping both start-up entrepreneurs and established companies by cultivating ideas and harvesting results.

Calyx is not a firm that takes an "everything but the kitchen sink" approach or throws everything at the wall to see what sticks—this approach is too sloppy, time-intensive, and expensive and rarely achieves the envisioned results. Calyx designs customized marketing, communications, public relations, and business management strategies for realizing a client's goals. It's a smarter approach because every component of a project is tied to achieving specific goals while being fiscally responsible.

Award-winning, tenacious, and focused, with more than 35 years of combined experience helping organizations improve business practices through communications, strategic marketing, public relations, and management consulting initiatives. Calyx's experience encompasses a variety of industries including emerging technologies, architecture/ engineering/construction, and not-for-profits ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

We listen to clients' needs, identify goals, and generate definitive and creative solutions that invigorate your business into a period of growth.

We equate our success with yours and insist on generating a measurable return on investment. Results—usually produced under compressed schedules—are based on how we impact your bottom line, achieve programmatic objectives, increase your industry or community presence, or attain the goals you define. We have successfully helped clients increase revenue, gain market share, receive media attention, and expand their customer base.




"We founded Calyx out of a sincere desire to do something more ."

"We are award-winning, tenacious, and focused ."