Jill and Elizabeth have very similar, yet complementary styles that, together, provide clients with a unique perspective. They share a compulsion for solving problems, a passion for learning, a desire to overcome challenges, an ear for listening to what's said (but more importantly, to what's not), the courage to ask the tough questions, a gift for developing and nurturing relationships, and the persistence to get the "systems" in working order so they can bloom.

Jill's natural effervescence, enthusiasm, and spontaneity bring a refreshing alternative style to top management and decision-making. A natural facilitator, she sees and generates endless possibilities, options, and alternatives, while always thinking strategically about the most effective way to maximize options and results. Jill has the ability to empower others, and inspiration is the hallmark of her management style. She is highly communicative with an unwavering attention to personal relationships.

Elizabeth's strength is her ability to translate facts into the bigger picture and provide a clear perspective, while always thinking strategically and systemically. She has the vision and will to see everything through to completion. Elizabeth provides great leadership and direction while adding her own creative flair, which becomes its own motivating factor. She has an outstanding problem-solving ability and possesses the propensity to improve upon just about anything.

Together they make a great team.




"We have very similar, yet complementary styles..."

"Together we make a great team."