We are driven by a results-oriented approach for realizing defined goals. However, that alone is not enough—it must always be balanced by the relationships we develop with our clients. These relationships provide us with the foundation of our work and enable us to ask the tough questions. And we want to have fun along the way—life is too short not to enjoy your work and the people who help you do it!

Calyx's approach is based on three simple and aggressive core principles:

  • Relationships—We cultivate engaging relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and trust that foster a natural, open, and honest communication style and create the perfect environment for addressing challenges and identifying opportunities.
  • Defined Engagements—As with a calyx, our job is to nurture a company by supporting a period of growth. We help our clients reach their goals and look forward to supporting their future initiatives.
  • Results—We translate your goals into tangible outcomes and bottom-line results through a process of objective analysis and the creation of solutions that address your specific needs.




"We develop engaging personal relationships with our clients."

"Our job is to nurture the period of growth until it is self-sustaining."